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Well hello, and thanks for finding my blog! My name is Emily Delahunty. I‘m a complete food and nutrition nerd, badass trail runner (wannabee), total cynophile (that’s a big word for dog lover), PNW outdoors enthusiast, and eclectic music junky. The focus of this blog is food’s contribution to overall health and happiness. It’s that simple yet we all know that it can be so complicated. I’d like to have a place to be constantly furthering my learning about nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits and to share it with the world – or at least with my mom… and probably my husband, too. (He stays up late working so maybe he will check it every once and awhile.)

I’m a certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner, taught by the Weston A Price Foundation. I’m in the beginning stages of starting up my own business focusing on NTP as well as personal chef services. I’m currently on a modified Autoimmune Paleo diet, although I have found a good balance between “should” and “want” when it comes to food. If there was a name for the AIP diet plus the occasional Omission, Theo’s dark chocolate bar, & pint of Coconut ice cream (sometimes but not usually at the same time), that would be much more accurate. While I believe that while food is a critical part to the health puzzle, so is moving, sleeping, stress management, pleasure, fun, and nature, so I try to incorporate all aspects to all in my life. More about my personal journey under my post “Pink Fingertips”, but for now – I hope you find something helpful, interesting, or in the very least, slightly humorous, about my blog.


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